My Thoughts on APA Style Writing…

The process of getting re-acclimated with APA style writing has not been difficult within itself; however, partnering it with the actual process of obtaining content from the Everett database has probably been the most challenging. To write good literary work, it requires review of multiple sources to test your thesis or question. I’ve found that the style within itself is pretty standard; minus a few refresher questions here and there.

One of the questions that arose during my research were learning which template to utilize for my references based on whether or not it was obtained from a journal, website, book, or etc…and then placing them in my review. This seems to be one of the most challenging for me as I wasn’t quite sure how to incorporate websites into the mix.

There were also more minor questions that came up, such as when or if I needed to italicize the title of an article since it doesn’t seem to be a universal process; along with properly paraphrasing content from the author. I didn’t necessarily see a rule of thumb for either however.

Interesting enough, I was a little shocked by the fact that there weren’t many changes or updates to the APA style since my collegiate years. So for the most part, it was all about me applying the old information to a new process via the internet.

I will say some of the things I had to write down just to ensure I didn’t forget was the formatting style variances for each of my reference tools, and remembering to add each resource to my works cited page. A lot of times I found myself so engulfed in the paper itself that I would have to double-check to ensure that I all of my cited material matched the documented reference page

Nonetheless I’m committed to mastering this process! IMG_1326

“The obligatory First Day of School Pic”










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