Why I connect with the Cybernetic & Socio-psychological theories of Tradition…

I’ve found myself drawn to two of the theoretical traditions; more so than the others based on immediate personal connection. The Cybernetic Tradition operates as a whole; but each of the pieces that independently make up that whole are influenced by and rely on each other. I would describe it as my car or “Vehicle” style of communication. Meaning the if we remove the tires from our car; granted it may still start…but you wont get anywhere without them. Essentially to keep the ball rolling; one system is dependent on another.

I personally have firsthand experience with this theory; when it comes to my personal life. With the pursuit of my Masters, I’ve had less time to socially engage with friends; which has caused a decrease in our communication, and I’ve also had less time to spend in the gym; which has undoubtedly cause me to increase my weight by 2-3lbs. So this is how the cyclical starts or is interpreted…all of the things I listed operated independently; but they each influence one another. That’s why cybernetics is so relatable; because it can often be applicable to everyday situations.

On the other hand; the Socio-psychological tradition operates as the “root” of the theories. Based on reading, it simulates more of a cause and effect process. This systems looks at “how” we process information, and then “how” we apply it. When I refer back to my adolescent years; I recall growing up with friends with vastly different backgrounds than myself. I saw some of those who had a more difficult upbringing, make decisions then that have affected their lives now. Those decisions were likely a result of combined factors such as environment, parental dynamics, education, and finances. All of those inputs; would unfortunately lead some to act out in destructive ways. Their behavior was a direct result of the messages that were input into them earlier in life; that had never been corrected.

close up photography of shoes near ball
Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

So if it wasn’t already apparent, you can see why these two theories would operate as my starting line up if this were the world of sports. No pun intended; but they both get the ball rolling!



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