10 thoughts on “I Digitally Present to you….”

  1. Wow,
    I found myself staring at the screen, intently listening to your commentary as you explained your reasoning and connections between The Help and Burke’s ‘Equipment for Living’. I was waiting for more interaction when the pictures came up, but then I realized the zoom in and zoom out technique had much more effect. I was paying attention to every word you were saying rather than reading on the screen or clicking on a link. You captivated me to the end. I honestly I wanted more, lol. I did like the correlation at the end of how we as people are all hiding behind something, be it work, home, a relationship, etc. I have seen this movie before, but now I want to look at it with your point of view in mind. This is definitely a provoking conversation piece. Thank you for your digital presentation.


    Olivia Blaggrove


  2. Very nice presentation of your movie study. I found your use of PowerPoint with audio overlay a much more engaging style than the traditional one I used with a text-based format. You kept it short and succinct focusing on the themes and thesis of your study, which helped keep my attention and interest throughout.


  3. Hi Myna,

    You did a wonderful job giving viewers a clear synopsis of the film The Help. Although, I did see the film, I tried to pretend that I had not, so I could see if your presentation answered any questions that one may have if that had not seen the film. You presentation was detailed, clear and flowed well.

    You did a great job giving detailed information about the important characters, so we the viewers could understand how different the two characters were and how powerful each of their voices were. It helped to add the geographical background as well, so viewers understand how difficult it was for the women to stretch their voices. The time and era in which the film portrayed added depth to the movie. It was a frightening time to speak up as a women but more frightening not to speak up. You choice a great film as your topic.

    The digital aspect of your presentation was the best I have seen. As you spoke of each point in your presentation, the clips you used added a special touch to show that you put thought into bringing this presentation together. I did not want your presentation to end.

    I was hoping that you shared, which communication tradition that you felt was the best approach for the film The Help. The sociopsychological tradition comes to mind when I think of the different backgrounds that Skeeter and Aibileen came from, However, despite their differences, they were able to come together to share a story that made a difference in the community and world.

    In addition, I wanted to know, which articles from Burke’s “equipment for living” did you use to tie in the theme “equipment for living” with your topic.

    Overall, your presentation was very well thought out and executed, and I really enjoyed viewing it. Watching your presentation has helped me to improve on ways that I will present my next presentation.

    Great job!


    1. Thank you for your feedback Leslie!! In hindsight I could definitely see adding the actual tradition to bring all the focal points together. It highlighted the main parts of my paper; but both the phenomenological and sociocultural tradition can be seen in this film. I appreciate the detailed critique.


  4. Great presentation, Myrna. The style of the presentation was easy to read and the pictures and text flowed in a logical order that was easy to follow, and you used a clear strong voice. Your thesis statement was strong and specific in that you mentioned a particular group, women who struggle with the powers of their own voices. Mentioning a particular group helps narrow down the focus of the paper. I appreciate that you went over the synopsis of the movie; I haven’t seen this one all the way through so going over the plot helps me and other listener’s jog their memory of what the film was about. The analysis of the movie was very deep and well thought out. Pointing out the parallels between the two main characters and the actions each one takes to reach their desire goal is thought provoking, but I think you need to tie your analysis to some of the theories of communication. You explained how the two women in the movie were good examples of women that have found their own voices, but you did not elaborate enough on how the audience could use the film as equipment for living according to the different theories we studied. Citing a few of the articles that you used in your paper would have bridged this gap. I wished you would have included a brief not on the methodology and data collection you used in your paper. I would like to see what kind of question you used to gage the research participants level of power and control of their voice. Overall, I think you did a great job on your presentation.


    1. Thank you for the feedback!! Yes in hindsight I see what elements of my paper could have been conveyed in the actual presentation. The instructions however for the Digital presentation didn’t really offer a layout of what should be included outside the thesis and focal points. But I could definitely see how the inclusion of the traditions would have added value to my presentation.


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