“The Good”

In order to assess what is considered “Good” during this present time in my life, than it is first required that I tackle what the “Good” is defined is by the authors.

At the center of it all “The good” operates as what is most important and held in the highest regard finds protection and promotion in our communicative practices. The question for us is what living a “good life” or being a “good person” looks like in a time of narrative and virtue disagreement. (Harden Fritz, Arnett, & Bell, 2009, p. 3)

The explanation of “Good” as utilized by the authors confirms that having a good life, and being a good person are not synonymous. The two can operate inclusively or exclusively.

As I’ve aged, I’ve become more prone to adapt to the latter of the two. Having a good life; pails in comparison to being a “good person”; however, that term is still somewhat very subjective. People can view someone as being “good” from different lens; so there is no set standard as it will be contingent upon what the viewer defines as good in their own eyes also. One person may feel that someone who gives to charity is good, yet view a family man as being the required standard so it desires no additional praise or applause. This first good is a belief or virtue system, which is an encompassing good that works as a standard or guide and that organizes and directs contributing or “Smaller goods”. Charles Taylor (1989) For example, one person may have a philosophy of life in which service to others is the greater good (Hayden Fritz, Arnett, & Bell, 2009, p. 4).

So for me the good in my life currently focuses on what can I do to make life better for someone besides myself; and ultimately what is going to be my contribution to society. This reflects the above defined “hyper good”. I am passionate about investing into my spiritual and mental well being in hopes that it enables me to share insight with others through my community service via church, school systems, and my immediate neighborhood(s). This to me surpasses anything that I can do for self; since it moves to being “of service” to others.

I truly believe that our lives become better…the moment we decide to make the lives of others better also.


Here I am at the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte volunteering 🙂


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