What Guides your Life?

No matter who we are, or where we come from…there is something within us that guides our thoughts and actions. It is the underlying factor that motivates and or drives the decisions we make. Those guidelines are considered to be the narrative of our lives.

Arnett, Fritz, & Bell describe a narrative as a story agreed upon by a group of people. This public story explains the way the world works and the meaning of human life, including what is good for humans to be and do. A narrative provides guidelines for human action (p. 37)

Personally the defining narrative that guides me is my spirituality. I choose not to say or utilize the term “religion” because that signifies simply a belief system versus an actual relationship. I would consider this to be the nucleus that prompts my actions since it is where my ethics finds shape (p. 40)

When I consider the governing factors such as how I treat people, the words and actions I use to express myself, along with the constant need to work on improving who I am; then my spiritual foundation is where I draw from. I look at the biblical teachings, although from a different timeframe as a personal navigation tool when I make decisions. A lot of times when I am uncertain, I look for scriptures that will lead me in the right direction; in order to prevent mistakes later on in life.

Each of us must find the one or numerous narratives that keep us on track; otherwise we might find ourselves operating as loose screws. Life has a way of knocking us off balance at times, so those beliefs have to be our foundation…especially if we desire to become the best version of ourselves as possible.




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