Course Reflection….

Wow, can’t believe these  8 weeks have flown by as quick as they have. I must say, coming into this Masters class…especially with it being online, I wasn’t certain of what to expect. I graduated from undergrad with my Bachelor’s in 2005, and the collegiate process has morphed since that time. Lol, I mean when we needed information, we actually had to go to the Library! (shocked face) Now we simply go to the Everett Database from the comfort of our own home.

It was undoubtedly a process trying to wrap my mind around not only being a student again in such changing times, but when you couple that with it being an online course then it becomes a little bit more complex. Most people would automatically assume that online courses have less value; because you lose face to face interaction with an instructor and your classmates; however, what i found is that not to be the case. Considering everyone has vastly different work schedules, the flexibility that an online class offers unparalleled; and despite the lack of physical interaction, I was still able to stay engaged in the syllabus.

I would also argue that an online class also requires more discipline. Since it is so convenient, you really have to force yourself to buckle down in order to get things done; otherwise time escapes you. I was very much still able to connect with my peers when necessary. Andy almost always helped me out when I couldn’t find documents, or wasn’t clear on the assignment. He gets a goldstar from me for that.

What I learned…

Whewww!! That the seven communciation theories can be found, applied to many aspects of our lives. I find myself when I review certain television shows, movies, or real life ID murder mystery stories…dissecting the individuals and applying one or multiple of those traditions. Their are several that seem to pop up frequently for me such as Socio-psychological, Phenomenological, Cybernetic, and Sociocultural. Kenneth Burke’s “Equipment for Living” , as a coping mechanism has also been seen in several movies when I look back.

I’ve taken away a better understanding of the various writing styles. I definitely required a refresher on that part. I was pretty confident in the writing aspect, but getting the buckle of how to document APA in my paper was a little more complicated since the information could be found in much more sources now; in comparision to college before almost 15 years ago. I got great feedback on my final paper; which helped me better understand errors that I was making and how to apply it moving forward.

Overall, I’m glad to have the first class under my belt, and I look forward to the next class as I am no longer a novice at this online process! Kudos to my classmates also, as they ROCK!!

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